pro5002"Where there’s fire and smoke – there’s flavour !”

Ever since the creation of fire, man has cooked over it. Whether it’s a hot summer day or the cold of winter, firing up the grill has remained a traditional activity for many individuals anytime of the year. It’s an opportunity to gather with friends and family in the fresh air to socialize, cook your favorite foods and exchange grilling techniques.

Today barbecues range in a variety of choices such as: Propane, Wood Fired, Charcoal, Pellet and Electric and are not only used in the house hold. The trend of wood burning and charcoal grills have made there way into many restaurants as an everyday culinary tool. Using wood chips, chunks, blends of lump charcoal, or pellet grilling boxes help to impart extra flavor into the foods being prepared on the grill. Some of the top Chefs around the world cook their best foods on the grill.

Did you know that BBQ’s offer health benefits by dripping off the excess amount of fat on meats during cooking and leaving less fat in the food itself ? Vegetables will retain more vitamins and minerals, and the high heat from the grill seals in moisture and keeps food tender so there’s no need to add oil or butter during cooking.

The hottest bbq tools being sold in 2015 are items used to cook pizzas, ribs and chicken on the grill. Pizza stones, pizza peels, rib racks, chicken setters and more. Cooking pizzas on the outdoor grill has become the most popular trend in barbecuing so far this year. The wood fire or charcoal methods provide an entirely different flavor and texture to your pizzas. It leaves a crispier crust, more flavorfull taste and it’s a fun family activity making them outdoors !

You can cook anything on a barbecue that can be cooked on your kitchen stove and more. Try to be adventureous this summer with your grill and see what great food flavours you can create. Don’t forget, a great bbq sauce, spice or fresh herbs can really increase the texture and presentation of your food.

Where there’s fire and smoke – there’s flavour !


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